Thursday, 20 June 2013

rase na tercekik !

asssalamualaikum wahai warga bLogger sekalian ,

aku pun ta taw na story pe ke bende at awak nie en. diary . !

haish , kalo lau ada owq bole bace hati aku ni kan hebat . tapi ta de pulak ! maaf kan saya ea, sumpah terkilan dengan kata2 awak . mengkhianati awek awak. maaf kan saya taw . maafkan saya k .

b too hurt ! sumpah sayang . . syg da lama ta ngis . b demaam kan. jage dri ye ! thanx kol sayang petang tadi. ase na cite at b , tapi b jaoh , lau b dekat ngan syg, syg datng kat b skg, nagis puas2 . b sayang sedey b  ! . . bukan senang buat kptsn, bkn senang terima hakikat semua nie kan .

i love read it ! always read n sharing with my dear b .

> a yOung man had a girlfriend. he was getting tired of her because she sent him message every hOur that said "i miss u" or " i love u" . 1 night before bed he received a message, but rather than read it went to sleep. in the morning he was awakened by a call. it was girlfriend's was killed last night. he was in a state of shock, went to read the message. "My sweetheart, come quickly, I think someone is following me!". and now everyday he comes brings one extra flower to the site where she was murdered. moral of the story : never rejects those who love, care , and try to reach out to u, because 1 day , u will realize yOu lost the mOon while cOunting stars !

i miss u b .
bye !

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